My Swing Dancing Skirt Part A.

One of my more recent hobbies is swing dancing, and earlier this week I decided some fabric in my stash would make a perfect swing dancing skirt!

My goal was to make something cute and swingy, yet wouldn’t expose anything in the fast, swirling movements of Swing and Lindy. I wore it last night to a dance, and according to all reports, it worked! It swirled beautifully and stayed modest for the onlookers!

I took step by step photos as I didn’t use a pattern, and figured it was so easy, someone else might like to make one.

So, first things first, lay out your fabric. I didn’t decided on photo documentation until I had already made my first few cuts, so let me explain what I had already done.

I had 2 yards of this fabric. After ripping the edges to be straight on the grain that gave me a little less than 2 yards. I folded it in half, right sides together, matching raw edges together.


Next, I took my waist measurement, divided it by 3.14 to find the diameter of my waist. I have a 30″ waist so this gave me a diameter of 9.5″. I took the diameter and divided it by 2, getting a 4.7″ radius. I then subtracted 5/8″ from this for my seam allowance, leaving me with something close to 4.12″ Using this radius, I measured my way around the folded corner of fabric, being careful to leave a seam allowance free. This picture shows roughly what I did. The black lines are my radius measurements of 4.12″. The red lines show the selvages which I was careful to do all my measuring around so I could use them as my side seams.


Determine how long you want the skirt to be, add your hem allowance and repeat the same measurement process. I wanted mine as long as my fabric would allow, which gave me a raw length of 26″.


Now we need to rip our waist band and waist band interfacing. I made mine 32.25″ long allowing for seam allowances and a 1″ over lap to put a button hole in. I made it 2.75″  wide to give me a 1″ waist band.Image

Now we are ready to begin sewing the skirt. And that will be part B! So come back for more.  This measurement process is very quick actually and only took me about 15 minutes to go from start to finish. And since it’s going to be so full, I didn’t have to worry about taking hip measurements, they are built right into it.


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