Of Spahgetti Sauce, Skirts and Body Casts.

Spaghetti Sauce:

I love to garden. This year I planted 30 tomato plants of several different varieties. On Tuesday, I found myself with 66lbs on hand after my first sizable harvest of the season!

I spent all day harvesting, cleaning, cooking and canning them into some deeelicious spaghetti sauce! It’s my own recipe (i.e. I didn’t follow one, just cooked and added things till it tasted yummy!) and turned out quite well! Plus, it’s nearly all organic. The tomatoes were obviously organic, the basil, oregano, rosemary and cayenne, were all grown in our gardens, the salt also was organic, leaving only the onion powder, fresh garlic and red wine to prevent it from being truly organic. This made me happy! Plus the fact that the vast majority of the ingredients were grown by me or my sister. I was also happy to realize that in one harvest the garden already paid for itself. I put about $120 into it this year, and the current price for local, organic tomatoes is $2.99 per pound, so I harvested roughly $198 worth of tomatoes!



While they were cooking down, I used my nicest tomatoes to make a fresh, fermented salsa. Last week a gallon of our raw milk (We only use raw milk, no pasteurized, or homogenized milk) had soured, so I left it out to clabber and make whey which is a huge asset for fermenting vegetables. It was ready, so while I was dicing my tomatoes, I drained my clabbered milk. Then I added onions from the garden, garlic, cayenne, fresh basil and oregano, lemon juice, whey and sea salt. Sealed it into my Fido jars and left it sitting on the counter for a week. It’s just about done now, I tested the smaller jar today and it has a nice tingly zing to it!




I still haven’t taken pictures of my swing dancing skirt. But, I made one up for my sister and since we’re nearly the exact same size I was able to take pictures wearing it! Forgive the grainy photos, I’m not sure what was up with my camera but I couldn’t seem to get it to go away.




Body Casts:

Other home seamstresses will understand why I’ve wanted a dress form for a long time. It just makes fitting sooo much easier. However, if you’re like most people, the dress forms available to the average person are completely inadequate. Frustrating. Wobbly. Lumpy in weird places. Flat in odd places Infuriating, really. I was doing some research on dress forms and came across instructions on two blogs for making  accurate dress forms! Basically, you cast your body using plaster gauze, use that cast as a mold which you fill with something like expandable insulation or some sucht. The idea being, you get a perfect cast of your body, with all your unique shapes and formations.

I immediately knew I wanted to make one. So I did a trade with my sister and she spent several hours wrapping me in gauze, letting it harden then cutting me out! I used quick setting gauze, and it hardened enough to remove in about 1 hour. I let it cure for a few days, and today I worked on smoothing the inside. Where I had to stand in place for roughly 2 hours, I noticed that the stomach area and the small of my back had some extra room, so I built them up with a bit more gauze inside the form, and smoothed out the lumpy lines from the clothing I’d worn while being wrapped.  While it’s curing, I’m building my base. I wanted something sturdy, stable and attractive. So I purchased a largish pot from Home Depot, and my Dad cut the bottom out. Using a short stump of PVC pipe, a 1.25″ dowl (what my dress form will be mounted on) I filled the pot with cement and it is curing over night. I’ll try to take pictures of the rest of the project and do a blog about it. For now, all I have is the picture of my body cast shortly after it was removed. It’s quite funny to see an exact replica of yourself laying on the floor!



2 thoughts on “Of Spahgetti Sauce, Skirts and Body Casts.

    • This seems to be a pretty straight forward. The hardest part has been the body casting, and that was more awkward than hard! I think I’ll have spent around $75 by the time I’m finished.

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