Sleeping surfaces

In my late teens I, when I first started down the path of simplifying my life, I decided to go on an experiment. I ditched my bed, and slept on the floor for over a year. My initial goal was to prove to myself I could do it.

I loved it. Once I got past the first couple weeks, I began to sleep better. And I thoroughly enjoyed the extra space.

When I switched bedrooms in my families seemingly unending version of musical chairs, it fell to me to maintain the mattress that my mom was keeping for when our grandmother would come live with us. It was exceedingly soft, to the point that, I turned it over (it was one of those single sided mattresses) and slept on the firmer back.

When my grandmother did move in with us and I again changed rooms, I soon switched to a futon. That is what I currently sleep on, but lately, I’ve been dreaming of returning to my floor sleeping days. There are several reasons I’m excited about this.

Better sleep. I slept much better on the floor once I’d acclimated to it than I did in a bed. In looking up about it recently, I was surprised to find that there are several good ideas out there now for why it is more comfortable. I’m not sure how much I believe them, but it makes for an interesting read.

Less stuff. I’m trying to simplify my life for many reasons. A major one being, having less stuff to move, and being able to comfortably fit into a small space.

Ease visiting friends. I can sleep nearly anywhere and get restful sleep.

So, I’ve been thinking seriously about practically implementing this for long term use. After lots of research I’ve ordered a sheep skin rug, and a 1/2″ thick yoga mat. These two items will roll up small, but provide enough padding to allow me to very comfortably sleep on my hard wood bedroom floor. Between them, my down comforter and my buckwheat pillow, I should be set in sleeping arrangements for a long time.

I’ll update in a few weeks with how things are going. In the mean time, I’m looking forward to picking back up on hula hooping with the extra room granted by no bed!

Update on cold showers.

I’m still going strong on cold showers. However, I find them harder to bear in the warmer weather! And I’ve yet to find a happy solution for shaving my legs. Still working on that one and enjoying my maxi dresses in the mean time.


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