Sun Hat Makeover for Long Hair!

If you have ever experienced the frustration of trying to find a sun hat that fit with your long hair, this post is for you!

I decided it was high time to take matters into my own hands and with a couple hours of sewing, I altered a sun hat from Marshall’s with a lovely straw brim and a cloth center.

I removed the cloth center, set the brim on my head in the position I wanted, and measured front to back and side to side.


On my fabric, I traced out the two lines, connected them and cut out the resulting slight oval.

Beginning with the center back I pinned the fabric to the hat edge, pinned the front and both sides.

Taking the excess I now had, I made a neat pleat in each quarter. The pleat ran for the center down. I pinned the pleats and tried it on for fit. A couple pleats needed taken in a bit farther to fit smoothly.

Carefully un pinning it, I hand sewed the pleats with a sturdy back stitch to secure the shape. The top took a little work to make it lay nicely, but it wasn’t too bad. On the inside, I tacked the bottom two thirds of each pleat down as well to keep everything neat and tidy.


Once the pleats were sewn, I took bias binding and bound the edge with it.


Then, I used large basting stitches to attach to the brim by hand. Using a jean needle, I then used the machine to firmly attach the crown to brim, and removed my hand basting stitches. I attached a ribbon that goes behind my hair in the back to help hold it in place.



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