What Happened to Summer?

Oh my, these past weeks have flown by so quickly, it’s hard to recall everything that happened! But I have a few pictures from some of the highlights.

The god parents for my sisters kids offered her their shore house for a week this summer, and we aunts cycled through to enjoy the experience and help keep track of the kids.
It was a beautiful, refreshing time. I discovered that I really do not like the shore at ALL from about 10:00-4:00PM. It’s hot, crowded, and gross. But at sunrise and sunset…ah, it’s beautiful, refreshing, and oh so calming.





My sister and I went down to Baltimore, Maryland for a day of their “Star Spangled Spectacular 2014”. We mostly went for the tall ship festival and the chance to tour some naval ships!
We met up with some family friends there and had a lovely time catching up with them, touring the sailing ships, watching the Galley Chef Cook Off, watching the Blue Angels practice for the air show (!!!), listening to the Navy Commodore Jazz Concert, and chatting on the Pier as the sun went down.






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