One Baggy at a Time

Lately I’ve been working to maximize the small purchases in my life. Though I avoid plastic in my house I general, I fully embrace the ease of using plastic bags for portioning food into the freezer. Since I often buy/prep food in bulk, I found myself going through a LOT of baggies.  

Words can not express how deeply I HATE wet plastic. So my challenge was finding a way to wash, then thoroughly dry them. Nearly equal to my hate of wet plastic comes a wadded twist of plastic bags. (I fold my grocery sacks so they stay neat and clean.) Therefor, I also needed a system to store them neatly. 

There are lots of ideas for DIY baggy drying racks, but they all seemed to leave the corners wet. Ugh. I tried drying them on the back spindles to my chairs, but this left my kitchen a-flutter in wet plastic baggies. Eeeeew. Everythime I went to set the table I was snatching them off, then forgetting to put them back after the meal. Once dry, folding them back into the boxes they came from didn’t work well for storage as they constantly migrated back out.

One night, in a rush of cleaning, I upended one over an empty wine bottle to dry. Lo and behold, the next morning it was bone dry! I took a closer look, and realized I’d found the perfect way to dry them. The wine bottle shape holds the baggies fully open, yet allows good air circulation. I now keep two empty bottles as ‘decoration’ on my kitchen secretary! 

To store them, I began clipping them, unsealed and upside down, on the side of my fridge. 

 Voila! I’m now consistently saving baggies, without struggling with drying and storing them. 

Do you reuse your baggies? If so, what are your tricks/struggles?


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