Safety Razor Shaving for Ladies

Since I began cold showers a year ago, I’ve been on a mission to figure out how to integrate shaving into my new routine. See, at least for me, cold water showers mean lots of goose bumps. And goose bumps don’t mix well with razors. Trust me on this. 

My interest in vintage things had led me to geeing out on Double Edged Safety Razors a couple years ago when I was buying a gift for my youngest brother.  I happened into The Art of Shaving out in Chicago on a blistery, bitter cold day (a high of -2) and the elegant feel instantly captivate me. I purchased a shaving brush for him, and spent the next few weeks learning all I could about shaving.  I passed the info along to him, and moved on with my life.

A couple weeks back, a friend knowing my interest, gave me an old Gillette New Long Comb double edge safety razor. From what I have learned on Badger and Blade I believe it be from the early 30’s. 

It seemed to beautiful to waste so I began searching for info on using a DE safety razor as a woman.  There is not much out there! A few ladies do use them, and seemed to have had good luck, so I decided to give it a whirl.

I choose the Alba Botanica Uncented Very Emollient Cream Shave for two reasons.  First,  I have a severe allergy to coconut oil which instantly dwindles my options for shaving soap to nearly nothing.  Secondly, this is a brushless cream which also does not need rinsed off which works perfectly with my cold showers because it allows me to shave in my warm room sans goose bumps!

It was a little scary the first time I shaved. But, I followed to rules, used a 30 degree angle, short, light strokes and breathed deeply.

Success! No nicks or cuts, no red bumps, and a smooooooooth shave! A few minutes later I worked up the courage to try my arm pits, and success there as well. 

This has truly revolutionized my shaving.  It had become a painful chore which I avoided as much as possible with cartridge razors.  Now it’s fun and challenging! No pain, no razor burn, super smooth, and so cheap. These replacement blades cost around $1 per blade (I use expensive ones, there are many cheaper) and compared to cartridge blades which are a fortune, this is very affordable.  

I’ll post a few links for anyone interested in learning more about this. 

Badger and Blade has a lot of detailed information for those who like to fully arm themselves with information before starting.  Their article on blade angle is particularly helpful. It is geared towards men, so their shaving is demonstrated on faces, but the same principle apply.

Maggard Razors has a very, very informative video on leg shaving, and one demonstrating armpit shaving. Now, I use brushless, no rinse shaving cream so my clean up is easy, just a damp rag, keep that in mind of all the lathering seems too much, or if like myself, you want to be able to shave out of the warm shower.

Here’s a few pictures of my razor…it’s so beautiful and lovely in the hand, it’s a joy to work with.