An Evening of Folk Music.


The playing and singing of folk music is one of my biggest passions. When I was growing up, we sang and played music at home nearly everyday. But, what with all my older siblings being married and busy with their own families, it had become rather rare for us to get together for music.

I decided this spring, that needed to change! I’ve been going to irish sessions and open mic nights in the area, but wanted something that was more accessible for my family and friends. I wanted somewhere that kids would be welcome, and all varieties of folk music could be enjoyed.

A local park proved the ideal location so I sent out invitations to everyone I could think of on Facebook! The first one was rather slow, we had a good time, but not many showed. However, last night, the second one was well attended. We had five musicians that were not family members show up! And a few park visitors stopped by for a while!

We had a grand time! Music from Ireland, Australia, and America was sang, spanning several centuries in time, we even had some early country/rock thrown in the mix in a folk style, and one fantastic Gaelic number! Guitars, and mandolins made up the instruments of choice, with an accordion, melodica, tambourine and a set of bag pipes rounding out the mix. Kids ran around, cookies were eaten, babies cuddled, jokes shared, laughter and music filled the air.

Here a short clip I grabbed of two of the Aussie songs.